samedi 9 septembre 2017

A return on the title VIBRATIONS

Here is a return on my title VIBRATIONS
"He swims and whirls"

VIBRATIONS, from the album BLUE DREAM, more precisely from the title FLY OVER ME.


It is indeed a very precise part of FLY OVER ME which served as starting point.
The atmosphere consists essentially of crystal loops which move, oscillating like vibratory waves.
The chords in the B minor tone, as well as the basses, support the sequences that give the cadence. Here, not percussion, but a few voices mingle with the whole.

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Robert Hammel et Sylvain Lupari

We remember these delicate arpeggios which rang at Crystal Lake's opening?
We remember this second draft of Mirage in Big in Japan?

The introduction of "Vibrations" plunges us right in the heart of these two universes. We could downright speak about plagiarism if the track didn't sneak between both variations of "Fly Over Me" and "The Approach". The execution is the same, only the ambiences differ. Here the synth pads always caress so warmly this delicate electronic staccato which amplifies its measure with as much subtlety as delicacy, whilst electronic chirpings of the beautiful Schulze's analog years come to peck at our ears and to awake soft memories of a time that will always stay in the firmament of the unconditional charms of EM. The proof? This wonderful obsession which surrounds the Sequentia Legenda phenomenon who, with an approach so candid, manages to put between our ears a thing for which we would never have hoped.

Three monuments of EM with variations on the same theme, “Blue Dream” is to the 2010's what Mirage was in the 80's.

Sylvain Lupari April 26, 2015
The original review here

"Vibrations" fires up the spectacle with its extended version. As far I remember, shorter edition of this composition was my fave piece on "Blue Dream" album. Persistently shimmering ear-tickling sequences exquisitely commingle with sublimely sweeping horizons and remotely percolating and oscillating cybernetic glimpses. Although without any significant modifications when comparing to the original version, it's still a truly triumphant piece paying monumental tribute to Berlin School legends. Bravo, Laurent!!!  

Richard Gürtler (May 21, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)
The original review here

Most space music is made of three components: synth pads, sequencer loops and solos (which can sometimes be too flashy and protruding). Sequentia Legenda is intelligent and sensitive enough to create his instrumental music with a perfect blend of the first two components only: pads and loops. In his spacey compositions, where light meets minimalism, and fitted to dream and meditation, there is no room for flashy solo, no room for protruding showing-off. Instead the space is filled with highly sophisticated perpetually changing pads and ever-evolving patterns of loops, creating a complex structure of sound.

Yves Blanc (La Planète Bleue)

What listeners say about VIBRATIONS:


Music Garden: "Extraordinary atmosphere ! We undergo notes and variations with delights and sweetness in the soul."

Pandora's box: " Very calming, it returns the inner peace... So Sequentia Legenda, I'll could consider you as some kind of angel of this my day, as if  you knowed when you subscribed on my google channel today what I needed...  So thank you twice!"

Bähb Hudson: " I'M IN LOVE with this music. Edgar Froese still lives! Omnisphere 2 arrives tomorrow and this is the kind of music I will be making with it. Inspirational. Berlin School uber alle! Er schwimmt und wirbelt. Schön!"

Timestream II: "Stunning! I have been a fan of Berlin school for over 35 years. This is one of the best tracks in this genre that I have ever heard!"

Rob Stammers: "Superb, classic Berlin School, which I've been listening to since the early 1970s, being blown away by Tangerine Dream's seminal work Phaedra. And what a massive influence TD have had on electronic music since then.  Just sublime, very Klauz schulze in the synth drone, nonetheless classic Berlin vibe."

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