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Valentin's Traum the 3rd title of RENAISSANCE

This composition is dedicated to my youngest son Valentin

Sequentia Legenda

🎬  The first preview of my next album RENAISSANCE ♫

I have the pleasure to present you an extract from my next album, "RENAISSANCE".
This title "Valentin's Traum" is the third and last track of this futur album.
(1. Out of the Silence, 2. Ici et Maintenant, 3. Valentin's Traum).

I wish you a very pleasant time during the listening and viewing of my video clip,
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

More informations on the RENAISSANCE landing page


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Valentin's Traum

✹ Music for hope and love ❣

This composition is dedicated to my youngest son Valentin,
who was diagnosed with autism.
It is a gift for him, my message of hope and love for him.

This title is in German language, thanks to the Germanic public who gave me their trust
 and support. It is a privilege for me to appear in the fiefdom of the Berlin school,
to be appreciated and heard in the land of Klaus Schulze and Edgar Froese.

More informations on the RENAISSANCE landing page

Discussion with Till Kooper
Till Kopper: First of all: Happy Birthday to Valentin!
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: Thank you for Valentin, he is an admirable child, besides his pathology (autism) he is a fighter, he has managed to speak, communicate, share and be an exemplary child. I'm proud of his efforts, proud of him. He loves music too :-)  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till Kopper: This excerpt is again (!!!) Berlin School music at its best.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: Thanks for this highly praiseworthy comment, I'm really delighted and it gives me strength!! I did my best for this new album and especially for this track which was very important to me for many reasons. From the sentimental point of view, I wanted to offer a title that was worthy of the efforts and courage of my youngest son. Emotionally, I wanted to thank all the Germanic people who gave me their support in a very beautiful way.  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till Kopper: The mood of this track is so near to the very special Klaus Schulze album "X" from 1978. Without actual copying it, it got the right overall sound. 
The very open mix, although the sounds are layered.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: Ooooh, what a wonderful comparison! "X" is a very special album and a timeless work by Klaus Schulze. Brilliant sound and exemplary orchestration.
Once again, I'm really happy to be compared to him.
I must confess that I once again spent a lot of time fine-tuning the sonic atmosphere of this opus to the last detail. It is always very important for me to find the right balance of spatialization, harmonics, global sound spectrum.  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till Kopper: There is no beat or sequence in the first 4:30 min running.
But the music is always slightly changing.
A kind of regular breath makes this track very organic
and by no means static. Then a sequence is faded in.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: I love your vision and your writing.
It is a pleasure to be able to read your feelings.
It remains essential for me to gently lay down the soundtrack, to install the listener comfortably in the musical universe proposed. It is an invitation, a sharing between the musician and the listener. Especially for this title, it was essential to set up a sensitivity, 
a depth, an emotion.  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till Kopper: There is a cut (this is not the full track we are hearing here) and we are a bit later in the track. We hear the drums of Tommy Bezler and the now multilayered sequences. But all still relaxed and calm. But with a steady rhythm like a heart beat.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: On this album Tommy Betzler is not present. I wanted to produce a solo album again. But Tommy and I will meet again soon :-)  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till KopperThe sequences disappear. The rhythm of the percussion sound dissipates. And we slowly fall back into the dream as an ambient background that we heard at the beginning.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: It is a shared pleasure. I often like to invite the listener to embark on an musical adventure that begins slowly and gradually increases in intensity.  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till KopperAlthough we are just at week #2 of 2018, I believe this will be one,
if not THE best Berlin School music release for 2018! I can't imagine a music more matching to my personal music preferences.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: I am absolutely delighted. I think RENAISSANCE will be a beautiful exploration for the listeners, a sound universe to discover,
an extended vision of the Berlin School. I'm crossing my fingers. I really enjoyed composing this album and I hope the audience will appreciate my work. It's the music that comes from deep inside me, my language.  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Till KopperThanks for sharing this excerpt of the upcoming RENAISSANCE album.
I am looking very much forward to listen to it in its full length and glory.
Speech Balloon on Microsoft  Sequentia Legenda: The pleasure is all mine. I will be presenting "Ici et Maintenant" and finally "Out of the Silence". I thank you for your comment and look forward to reading you again.  Speech Balloon on Microsoft

Interview with Till Kooper January 13, 2018

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