dimanche 13 novembre 2016

Sequentia Legenda – Interview Part1

Question: “Can you present yourself, speak about yourself, about your music?”
“I am 49-years-old and I have a young spirit, lots of projects in my head, musically and privately. About my private life, I wish to keep it to myself, but from the musical point of view, it’s simply to live my music, to live my dream, to enjoy giving my best. Producing my album is a dream which first flourished when I was 17, immediately upon discovering Klaus Schulze, and this project matured over all these years. During all these years music was always present around me and within me.”

Question: “Your music is mostly inspired of Klaus Schulze, can you tell us more?
“Listening to Klaus Schulze's album "Mirage" was for me a musical breakthrough! A musical revelation! From that moment on, I didn’t want to listen to anything but songs from this Berliner composer. At the age of 17, I was buying my first monophonic synthesizer and I started to create sounds, to play electronic music for long hours, sometimes even until late at night. A little later I purchased some of the instruments Klaus Schulze had too: the ARP Odyssey, the Korg PS-3200, the Moog Polymoog and later, the Roland JD800. I went to Klaus Schulze’s concerts. I wrote him too.”

Question: “What is your musical career? Did you go through conservatories or are you a self-taught man?”
“I indeed am a self-taught man. Although I took few accordion and music theory courses when I was eight, it is primarily through this musical revelation as mentioned before, that, alone at home, I learned to really play music. Soon thereafter, I took few more keyboard courses and I had the privilege to be able to play and to handle the potentiometers of the magnificent Minimoog.”

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