mercredi 21 mars 2018

AMIRA 💕 an album for my two loves: my wife Amira and the Berlin School

🎹 The music of my heart for my sweetheart 🎹

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

A musical project with the name AMIRA ☀️

The idea of a musical project with the name AMIRA dates back to our marriage.
I wanted to please my future wife by dedicating an album to her. So, just a few days before the official ceremony, I really started the creative process of the first title "Amira Short Version". I had a certain pressure that stimulated my creative sphere and the desire to make a beautiful surprise, forcing me to surpass myself. It was therefore necessary to get straight to the point, thanks to the experience acquired with BLUE DREAM and the title
dedicated to Edgar Froese, I finally managed to produce in time the music I had in mind for this occasion.

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

A touch of romanticism 💐

For this first title, I wanted a global atmosphere that would reflect the image of my half:
dynamism, intelligence and beauty, a track that would be in agreement with the
Berlin School and with my feelings.

The orchestration constituted by the string instruments and the choirs,
articulated around the sequences, offered a touch of romanticism to this musical poem.
I worked with great sensitivity and in great discretion "Amira Short Version", in order to preserve the surprise effect.

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

AMIRA was played during the celebration 💒

I had managed to finalize the title the day before the wedding.
The rhythmic structure composed of pizzicatos, cymbals and sequences was in place, with orchestral layers and ethereal choirs supporting the melodic lines. This short version of Amira was played during the celebration, my wife was touched by my gesture.

It was a great moment and I remember it very well. I take this opportunity to thank her for her support throughout our musical adventure.

To conclude, here is a little anecdote.
When the melodic line composed of three notes fly over my sound landscape, it is possible with a little imagination and sensitivity to hear this: A-MI-RA ! 

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Thanks to Alan Busby for his photo of my album

AMIRA testimonial 

Sylvain Lupari (Canada): "Sequentia Legenda created quite a shock wave when he released his immensely poetic Blue Dream at the beginning of 2015. [...] the French musician announced in the early stage of autumn the making of his second opus which was inspired and dedicated to the love of his life, Amira. And as you were seduced by Blue Dream, as you will be invades by the very magnetizing approach of AMIRA. First of all, the approaches are identical even if the confrontations, as rhythmic as harmonious, cross the parallelism."
Sylvain Lupari (February 20th, 2016) Synth&Sequences

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

May 2018 : RENAISSANCE by Sequentia Legenda 🎹


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samedi 10 mars 2018

The musical vision of Sequentia Legenda

The essentials of the Berlin School

Sequentia Legenda Berline School Music

Rigour, Sensitivity and Creativity are my motto 🎯

I have no intention of reinventing or revolutionizing the Berlin School,
I simply and without pretensions wish to bring my palette of sound, an extra colour and to be able to lay my stone to this edifice in order to contribute to an extended vision of this beautiful musical movement.

I sometimes hear myself say that solos are absent from my compositions.
They are not the fundamentals of my music, nor my priority.
It is neither a sign of immaturity nor an oversight, it is simply my musical vision, a well thought out vision. Nevertheless, although sometimes subtle and furtive, the musical phrases, the melodic lines are present in my soundscapes.

I'm not racing for solos, effects or instruments, but I'm looking for the purest possible overall atmosphere, which is representative of what a Berlin School music is to me. On the other hand, rigour, sensitivity and creativity are my motto. Play on nuances, on transpositions, find the balance between harmony and timbrality.

It is essential for me to go back to the essential:
towards a return to the sources of the Berlin School 🎯

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School Music

Speak to the listener's heart and soul 🎨

During my childhood, I did painting and today I work on my music like a painter.
I use a sound palette to paint the background of my canvas. Then, in a progressive way and with great sensitivity, I emphasize certain details, I maximize certain contrasts, I mix colors to give shape and life to the sound panorama.

It is essential for me to offer the listener a total freedom of listening, a musical space that reveals itself to the listener, offering new surprises and discoveries. They are instrumental journeys, immersive worlds, where music gives free rein to the imagination.

I see my music as an invitation, as a sharing with the listener, as my language expressing my emotions and speaking to the listener's heart and soul.

Sequencer Berlin School

⚒️ Notes after notes I sculpt the sequence 🎼

One of my favorite tools is the sequencer.

I manage with him to bring out my repetitive loops.
In this phase of work, I am like a sculptor, who notes after notes sculpt the sequence, working the sound material with rigour, sensitivity and patience.

Setting up sequential lines is often time-consuming, but it's the price to pay for a result that meets my expectations. I am a demanding person, looking to do my best to get the most out of myself. The sequencer, the sequences, are the pillars of my structure. 

My vision of sequencing: loops in perpetual evolution.

EXTENDED by Sequentia Legenda - Berlin School

Testimonial 💬

Isaac Civilo (Santiago, Chile): "There is a reason why I chose to take pictures of the latest albums by Sequentia Legenda next to my Frank Herbert collection
(and other sci-fi authors). 

As many people know, Frank Herbert was one of the greatest, if not the greatest science fiction author, but his books were never rooted in space ships, laser beams, and technology in general. On the contrary, they are very philosophical. When I started reading Dune I was 13 years old and I was impressed by the vast landscapes his writing conjured up in my mind. 

I have the same feeling when I listen to Sequentia Legenda:
vast landscapes whether they are endless deserts, raging seas, grey skies, the unfathomable space, or mysterious forests.
And, same as those places, its compositions incredibly nuanced, sometimes peaceful and reflective, sometimes dynamic and furious

Sequentia Legenda's music is full of little details that can only be absorbed after repeated listenings which is, after all, the true hallmark of good music.
And, another little reference:
Dune by Klaus Schulze
was also inspired by Dune so there is definitely an invisible thread that ties all of us together in this sonic world."

⌛ Ici et Maintenant ⏳
(Second extract from my future album RENAISSANCE)

After an introduction to experimental, concrete and drones sounds, the enigmatic atmosphere gradually fades away and gives way to a benevolent global atmosphere.

The arrival of the luminous pads, supported punctually by Gregorian-style choirs, amplifies the notion of infinity. The soundtrack is then filled with multiple layers and sequential loops.

Later, a regular and deep pulse joins the ensemble to give even more life. It is like a heart that begins to beat, heralding a rhythmic surge.

The snare drum, then a roll of toms complete the climax of this composition, leaving the vaporous pads and the empathetic choirs ornamented with the atmospheric and spiritual finale. It is peace, contemplative, here and now (Ici et Maintenant),
a return to the roots of the Berlin School.

RENAISSANCE: Explore the Sound Universe
Official Release 17 May 2018

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