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Sequentia Legenda interviewed by Adrian Bancu

🎙️ An interview for the Romanian magazine Helion Online and Spacers,
organized by Adrian Bancu
. I wish you a pleasant reading.

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


This article is based on an original interview organized by Adrian Bancu for Helion Online and Spacers magazines. I wish you a nice reading.
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Adrian Bancu: "The artist named Sequentia Legenda (Laurent Schieber) is a French musician/synthesist, he lives in France, near Switzerland and Germany.
The musician released his debut album: "BLUE DREAM" in December 2014. Other albums have been nominated for the Schallwelle Awards, the German electronic music prize. His discography currently consists of 6 digital and CD/Cdr albums, a double album "EXTENDED" and two albums in digital version.
Sequentia Legenda has also made collaborations with Tommy Betzler (Klaus Schulze's drummer in the mid 80's') as well as with Kurzt Mindfields (Jean-Luc Briançon) and with Michael BrĂŒckner (Live Session)."

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Adrian Bancu: "Who is Sequentia Legenda? Tell us a little about yourself."
SL: "I am a French synthesist, who shares with sensitivity, sincerity and passion, his own vision of the Berlin School. I am happy to be able to offer a part of dream, a bit of escape to the listeners. For me, music remains a vector of Hope and Love."

Adrian Bancu: "How is your first steps, approach to the music?"
SL: "It was in 1980, when I was 15 years old, that everything really started with the discovery of Klaus Schulze's music. The album "Mirage" was for me a real trigger, my musical trigger! I then went through several stages, first with analog synthesizers, then with digital instruments and it is thus recently with virtual instruments that I brought my musical work to light with BLUE DREAM my first album released in 2014."


Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Adrian Bancu: "How you define your music?" TEST
SL: "My music is an invitation to dream, an immersive journey, an introspection, a cosmic journey. My sound universes are composed of loops of sequencers in constant evolution accompanied by layers and choruses and sometimes percussion. Among these elements, melodic lines are punctually added. It is a music that allows you to get out and forget this tumultuous daily life, where everything has to go fast, much too fast! It is through the overall atmosphere and all its subtleties that one can perceive all my sensitivity."
Adrian Bancu: "What musicians or groups formed you as a musician?"
SL: "In the domain of electronic music, my influences tend towards Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and of course the one who will always remain my mentor: Klaus Schulze. I have a deep respect for the founding members of the Berlin School and I deeply regret the passing of Edgar Froese."
Adrian Bancu: "What genre of music you listen, especially?"
SL: "I still listen to the great classics of Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream, if not more generally classical music or jazz. As a music lover, I appreciate U2, Pink Floyd, Tears For Fears, Talk Talk, Depeche Mode or Marillion."


Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Adrian Bancu: "Could you describe how you record in your studio?"
SL: "In my home studio, I'm in my bubble and time doesn't really have a grip on me anymore. The big difficulty is to end a composition session. I have my habits, my points of reference, my particularities. I work with virtual synthesizers, like those in Arturia's collection."

Adrian Bancu: "Do you prefere a jam in your live set or is everything sharply programmed?"
SL: "When a concert is in sight, I start my rehearsals a few days before the concert. It is necessary for me to give myself as much security as possible and rehearsals are part of this. My tracks consist of a pre-programmed part and other tracks are available for live performance. I now know that each stage performance will be unique and that nothing is predictable. It's a new experience every time. The contact with the audience is a privilege, a richness."

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Adrian Bancu: "Three facts that affected your life, deeply?"
SL: "The birth of my two sons Valentin and Dylan. The death of my first wife Nathalie."

Adrian Bancu: "I am sorry for that. Life have unexpected ways to test us in all kind of emotions."
SL: "Thank you. Fortunately, life offers us good moments that we must then know how to seize them and make the most of them. I'm working on me, on this aspect. I have my two suns (Valentin and Dylan) by my side and I stay strong and straight for my two sons!"

Adrian Bancu: "How do you elaborate your compositions?"
SL: "The beginning of a new opus is an important moment, it is each time unique and particular. It is a new story that is written, that develops with sensitivity, meticulousness and passion. I always leave myself a little time between two albums, until, when the time comes, I feel this strong and characteristic attraction that will push me in front of my keyboards and allow me to release my creative impulses. I don't really have any clear rules when I'm in the creative and experimental phase, however, I have to admit that the sequencer plays a primordial role and it remains my favourite tool."

Adrian Bancu: "What kind of landscapes inspire you the best?"
SL: "I will say landscapes from my imagination and also those coming from fantastic worlds, places conducive to dreams. I like science-fiction worlds, legendary worlds, space, mysticism as well."

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Adrian Bancu: "What is your vision of the future of our civilization?"
SL: "I'm worried about the future of my two sons, to be honest. One of them, Valentin, is a young and adorable autistic boy and I hope that he will be able to develop and find sufficient independence. I don't think the world will be able to stay as it is today. I hope for a change, but I hope that it will be as gentle and as favourable as possible for all of us on this earth. I still believe in Love and Hope, despite the trials of life."

Adrian Bancu: "What is the space for you?"
SL: "The BLUE! The whole range of blue. Escape, a source of inspiration and serenity."

Adrian Bancu: "What mesages you spread with your music?"
SL: "My music comes from my heart, from my soul. It is a sharing of emotions with the listeners. And if I can make my own contribution to this beautiful musical movement that is the Berlin School, then I will have succeeded in my bet and I will have had the privilege of being able to live my dream."

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Adrian Bancu: "Thank you for this interview! I'm sure we aroused the interest of our readers in listening to and searching for your albums and concerts. We HOPE in a concert in Romania, with LOVE!"
SL: "The pleasure is all mine, thank you for your invitation and for all the interest shown in my music. I know that Romanians are great fans of electronic music and indeed I would be delighted to perform in your country."

Adrian Bancu: "Au revoir!"

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Adrian Bancu

Adrian Bancu member of the Spacers association.

Spacers project manager, Rubin lasershow programmer, lecturer on science, astrophysics, ozenology.

Teacher-instructor for groups of students in the STEM workshops of the Spacers program.

Editor of Helion On Line magazine. Member of the Helion Club since 1980.

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The original article (Spacers) in Romanian can be seen here

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