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Highlighting of ALCYONE by Clavius Reticulus

"This album is a Manifesto, a Book of Life because,
as Laurent (Sequentia Legenda) says,
Love feeds Love which is the primary
Creative Force
of the Universe
and the path to Ultimate Immortality."
Clavius Reticulus

ALCYONE Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

An exclusive review by Clavius Reticulus
ALCYONE in the spotlight

While the Avians were exploring the constellation of Cassiopeia (Avian 3 - Cassiopeia), at the end of last year, the Sequentia Legenda vessel, piloted by Admiral Laurent Schieber, set off for a flamboyant nursery of stars, the Pleiades, which, seen from afar and with the naked eye, would be like a Big Dipper, only more compact and dense. In fact, its splendour originates in the brilliant light of its seven suns, of which Alcyone is the nodal point.

And, as you probably didn't know, our star is part of the complex system of this constellation. Alcyone also has rings, like Saturn or Neptune, but their rings stretch for light years and are made of photon energy. I will not go into the astrophysical and/or esoteric details (which Laurent has elaborated on), this is not the purpose of this review, but you should know that great changes will take place when these expanding rings reach our planet. When? We cannot say precisely, but there is no doubt that life and matter will be totally transformed.

ALCYONE Berlin School music

And this is what Laurent's music illustrates with mastery throughout these four tracks, the first three of which are around twenty to twenty-five minutes long. His heartfelt music translates cosmic immensity through its unified but distinct dehiscent sonorities.

From the outset, one identifies the parallel universe to that of Master Schulze. Playful, sparkling sequences, very much influenced by the album "Mirage" which was THE revelation for Laurent! It is then as if the ship, after a dazzling acceleration, cuts the warp engine to let itself slide gently on the inertial vapours of the photons' dance. Pure moments of paradoxical eternity, the listener melts into the Universal Consciousness under the caress of the stellar winds.

Transcended even more by the sonorities of "The Ring of Golden Light" which, prolonged by the mesmerizing sequential flow of "Bon Voyage",
pull us into the transdimentional vortex of a Schulzian "Velvet Voyage".

ALCYONE Berlin School music

In the end, the Golden Light envelops us and invites us to sublimate matter through an abiogenesis that forces the akashic elevation, the transfiguration of the chakras, the total Awakening of the Kundalini. Disembodiment and quantum entanglement of the soul and the original cosmic essence, sidereal rebirth, where dithyramb becomes weak to qualify the unfathomable depth of Laurent's music. It is the revelation of the intangible, the non-material and the unspoken.

This album is a Manifesto, a Book of Life because, as Laurent says, Love feeds Love ("Love feeds Love") which is the primary Creative Force of the Universe and the path to Ultimate Immortality.

More than indispensable! More than 5/5!

Clavius Reticulus

Jean-Claude Leroy (
Clavius Reticulus) is a Belgian music reviewer.
His branch is electronic music. He has also composed four albums to date under the pseudonyms El Jice and Avian (eljiceavian.bandcamp.com). A fan of science fiction, he has created illustrations on the theme and wrote a novel in the early 2000s. He has worked for the Mellow Records label and for synthesist Andy Pickford.
His work can be found on facebook.com/zeta2reticuli/
and on his Youtube channel El Jice Arghones.

Sequentia Legenda Laurent Schieber Berlin School

A heart to heart sharing

I had the great pleasure to share with you my last opus, I will try here to reveal you some aspects from behind the scenes.

ALCYONE represents for me a beautiful adventure, rich in human, spiritual and musical experiences of course. It is a setting in light, the term is appropriate, on the continuum of my musical vision.

As you may know, my music is now tuned to the frequency of 432 Hz in order to offer the purest sound worlds possible. My goal with this new creation is to continue my heart-to-heart sharing, to infuse more and more serenity in order to help you better radiate your own wholeness.

I have to say that the composition phases have unfolded overall with a pleasant fluidity. Gratitude. I wanted through the various universes composing this album, in the structural form, in the color of the harmonies, in the choice of the timbres, to deliver a connection which is the most in adequacy with my feeling. I wished a sound matter the most favourable to dreams, which is at the same time rich and ethereal and comfortable to the listening. To lay down notes tinged with light that could evoke the freedom between the dimensions of a journey that could be relived each time and in a totally personal way.  

I hope that ALCYONE and its four sound universes will accompany you during your astral and immersive peregrinations, arousing in you for a long time beautiful and sweet emotions.

I wish you lots of listening pleasure.



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