mercredi 1 février 2017

Desire to escape?? Follow me: INTO THE SEQUENCE

Desire to escape??  

Follow me, it's here, via Berlin School music, synths and sequencers.  

Enjoy your journey in a musical space in perpetual motion.
Musically, Sequentia Legenda

EXTENDED by Sequentia Legenda
INTO THE SEQUENCE Promo-Teaser (10 min. Teaser)

Sequentia Legenda: "I wanted to give to pads and percussions a minimalist structure in order to let all the subtle sequences of this track develop and grow. The listener is invited to immerse himself in the very depth of this musical loop, where the slow and perpetual progression of sequences, placed on atmospheric pads, will permit it to enjoy a journey through this sonic landscape."


EXTENDED on Bandcamp

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