mardi 21 février 2017

Sequentia Legenda broadcast on "La Planète Bleue"

The music of Sequentia Legenda broadcast on the program "La Planète Bleue" by Yves Blanc

«Most of the spacey music is made of three components : synth pads, sequencer loops and (sometimes annoying) solos. Sequentia Legenda is intelligent and sensitive enough to create his - strictly instrumental - music with the first two components only: the pads and the loops. In his spacey compositions, where light meets minimalism, and fitted to dream and meditation, there is no room for flashy solo, no room for protruding showing-off, instead the space is filled with highly sophisticated pads, perpetually changing and loops, themselves shaped in ever-changing patterns, sometimes highly complex, even if they often seem obvious.» Yves Blanc (La Planète Bleue)

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La Planète Bleue website

▶  Link to radio Switzerland Couleur3

▶  Sequentia Legenda Youtube channel

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