dimanche 30 avril 2017

FLY OVER ME My first title

A retrospective on my first title:




Up there.


They are here.

They go around above us.

Let’s embark towards a long journey in the direction of a mystic and unknown world. Let’s follow the path which leads towards the Top, where they glide, above us. After that long journey, finally up there, in that strange world, let’s try to establish a contact with them. The first contact.

A meeting with them, with ourselves, with what we have been, with what we will perhaps become.

In that absolute silence let’s pay attention to the imperceptible whispers of the Top’s voices. Let’s communicate with them. Let’s learn from them and ourselves. And then, slowly, let’s leave without disturbing this peaceful universe anymore. After this valuable experience we could then begin the descent, the one of the Great Comeback.

After more than a year of work, FLY OVER ME is a piece which conveys nostalgia and hope. It is intended to be captivating, hypnotic and cosmic.

The sequences follow one after the other and superimpose themselves on the chords of the pads and the choirs, leaving room for the melodic lines of the solo synthesizers.

The sequencers and synthesizers are thus in perfect symbiosis for you to travel on a cosmic journey. 

A journey to the Top.

Question: “How will you describe FLY OVER ME, the first song of this new album?”

Sequentia Legenda: "Even though spontaneity is an integral part of my work, the process of creation and completion of this piece were long. Many factors were the cause of this length. I knew what I wanted to do, what atmosphere I wished to set up. A mix of nostalgia and hope. It took me near sixteen months to complete FLY OVER ME. And it continues to spin above my head and I am proud of the result."

Marcin Melka Review:

One winter evening I wanted to hear something very sequential … probably will think that I listened to just one more time „RichochetTangerine Dream or „DosburgOnlineKlaus Schulze … unfortunately, no. This time I listened to something completely new: the album „Blue Dream” by artist hiding under the pseudonym „Sequentia Legenda”. Music is not bad. The track „Fly Over Me” is a digital composition, which contains ten parts. In my opinion, suite can be divided into three main parts: the first part is a long, distinctive style, entrance music of Klaus Schulze, the second part is the sequential part of the Berlin School style, and third, it is mute. The whole track is well composed, arrangement and easy listening. Just in time for fans of Klaus Schulze and the Berlin School style. 

FLY OVER ME Highlights:

Michel RebelRaiser: "De la Berlin School très inspiré par Klaus Schulze !
De longues plages flottantes, aériennes et éthérées, de l'inspiration, des morceaux dynamiques jamais poussifs, de l'émotion et une très bonne maîtrise instrumentale. J'adore !"
"Berlin School very inspired by Klaus Schulze! Long, flowing pieces, air and ether, inspiration, never sluggish dynamic songs, emotion and a very good instrumental mastery. I love! "

Serge Aubert: "j'ai écouté "FLY OVER ME". remarquable hommage à la "berliner school"!
le son est bon. les nappes sonores son superbes et les sequences envoutantes!
J'ai hâte d'écouter les autres pièces de "BLUE DREAM"
Belle hommage à la musique de klaus schulze!
Je ne peux que te féliciter et t'encourager à continuer!
cette pièce m'a fais penser à "wahnfried 1883"!"

Janos Laube: "Gerne, FLY OVER ME ist ein wundervoller track!
Genau die art von klangteppich die mich beim
programmieren inspiriert. danke dafür"

Nani Sound: "en train d'écouter sur bandcamp. La grosse claque. C'est juste énorme.
"Fly over me" est une tuerie. De la vraie séquence comme on l'aime. Hypnotique. Bravo.
Vraiment bravo."

Ian Haddock: "Phenomenal work. Sequentia Legenda. The lead Synth on the track
"Fly over me" is very ambient and very captivating.I like this kind of operatic ambient
Theatre approach with strings descending and rising into the sonic Abyss.
You must feel very proud Excellent Music that captivates and inspires."

Stefan Fancre: "Très beau morceau par ses rythmes entraînants et planants
qui nous transportent, et arrivent à nous faire voyager dans l espace" 

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