dimanche 24 décembre 2017

A small gift for the Christmas season 🎁

Enjoy a little musical gift for the holidays

 An unreleased and Collector's title "THE RETURN"

For the Christmas holidays, I am pleased to offer you this experimental version

I found in my archives this version dating from the creation of BLUE DREAM. It is not excluded that the elaboration of this extract is not going to continue, so just take it as a small collector's gift.

The evolutionary sequences, the atmospheric pads are here in their development phases. The sound of this extract is oriented towards the warm grain of the analogical era. I leave you to take full advantage of this sound rough draft and wish you a beautiful immersion.

Till Kopper (Facebook 24.12.2017): "Although rather minimalistic track without bells and whistles (literally). But with a wonderful quite certain ambient mood mixed with Berlin School sequencing. AIt is not a remake or some cover of some well known artist, this is a unique Sequentia Legenda track. Laurent Schieber once again proves his great skills of doing new tracks in the Berlin School style without repeating music recorded 45-35 years ago. And without using the vintage techniques. This way the sound scapes are clear and well defined. But not sounding like cold digital at all. Rather organic and analog (without covering exact typical analog sounds). Well done! Very recommended for all listeners of Klaus Schulze and other more calm Berlin School music."

THE RETURN: a return to the sources of the Berlin School music

I am pleased to announce my new album „RENAISSANCE“ for 2018

My next opus "RENAISSANCE" will finally see the light of day in 2018, more precisely on May 17, a small wink to my wife.

RENAISSANCE, in the purest tradition of the analogue era.

This new album is a continuation of my musical vision: an extension of the Berlin School movement.

„Explore the Sound Universe“

My wishes

I wish you a pleasant time with my music
and a happy holiday season for you and your family.

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

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