jeudi 5 avril 2018

Ici et Maintenant the 2nd title of RENAISSANCE

Share the present moment

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

🎬 The second preview of my next album RENAISSANCE ♫

I have the pleasure to present you an extract from my next album, "RENAISSANCE".
This title "Ici et Maintenant" is the second track of this futur album.
(1. Out of the Silence   2. Ici et Maintenant   3. Valentin's Traum).
– Official release of RENAISSANCE on 17 May 2018 –

Through this title, it was important for me to share the present moment with the listeners, with my family, with myself. The sounds of the glorious years of the analogue era brought up to date with today's technology, here and now (Ici et Maintenant).
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Ici et Maintenant Berlin School music

đŸŽŒ Regular and deep pulse 🎧

After an introduction to experimental, concrete and drones sounds, the enigmatic atmosphere gradually fades away and gives way to a benevolent global atmosphere.
The arrival of the luminous pads, supported punctually by Gregorian-style choirs, amplifies the notion of infinity.

The soundtrack is then filled with multiple pads and sequential loops. Later, a regular and deep pulse joins the ensemble to give even more life. It is like a heart that begins to beat, heralding a rhythmic surge. The snare drum, then a roll of toms complete the climax of this composition, leaving the vaporous pads and the empathetic choirs ornamented with the atmospheric and spiritual finale.

It is peace, contemplative, here and now (Ici et Maintenant),
a return to the roots of the Berlin School.

More informations on the RENAISSANCE landing page

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

Ici et Maintenant testimonial đŸ““

Michel Boegler (France): "Ici et Maintenant aux influences de la Berlin School est admirable... On sent la plénitude avec la venue d'une séquence feutrée et bien programmée... Toute cette sensibilité à fleur de peau est bien présente et témoigne votre partage avec les auditeurs qu'ils l'écoutent !... En tout cas bravo pour votre travail."

"Your track "Ici et Maintenant" with Berlin School influences is admirable... We feel the fullness with the coming of a felted and well programmed sequence... All this sensitivity is very present and testifies your sharing with the listeners that they listen to it !... Anyway, congratulations on your work."

Official release of RENAISSANCE on 17 May 2018

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