dimanche 13 décembre 2020

BEYOND THE STARS under the magnifying glass of Clavius Reticulus

"And by all the gods of the Cosmos,
he gives us a solid slap in the face here !

Clavius Reticulus (music reviewer at Prog Censor)

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Visual design: El Jice

Three cosmic trips

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda) discovered the Berliner Schule in the cellar of his parents in the form of an old vinyl called "Mirage", a masterpiece of the undisputed master in this field: Klaus Schulze. It was a revelation for him, who then set himself the task of rethinking the style in his own way. And by all the gods of the Cosmos, he gives us a solid slap in the face here. Three cosmic trips with an exceptionally rich emotional sound.

Prog Censor Review Sequentia Legenda Berlin School 
With this album, Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda) revisits the parameters of the genre. He definitely embodies the true Schulzian heritage.

Clavius Reticulus

🖝 Original Chronicle in French by Clavius Reticulus (Prog Censor)

🖝 The Blog article in French

Beyond the stars Berlin School music
Background: El Jice

The first steps of a celestial staircase

"Experimental" re-explores the sequential flavours of "Body Love 2" originally "Moogetique" (1977), a rise in power similar to that of "Nowhere Now Here". Sequencers in perfect symbiosis with the drums of his colleague Tommy Betzler, who also assisted Klaus Schulze, celestial virtual choirs to open the doors to a world whose sesame was previously held only by the composer. Climbing up the first steps of a celestial staircase, we enter at ground level into the crystalline mists of a scintillating mirage born of moiré nebulae where our subtle anamorphic bodies float to evaporate into a perfume of eternity beyond the beyond, where matter becomes Light.


Floating among the stars Berlin School music
Background: El Jice

Mirrors the waters of the "Crystal Lake"

"Experimental": Mirrors the waters of the "Crystal Lake" of the great Klaus Schulze.

Beyond from the beyond Berlin School music
Background: El Jice

Echo of Time

"Beyond from the Beyond": Here is the birth of a fairy caress coiled in the arms of a spiral nebula stretching out its sparkling gems. Illuminating the unfathomable space-time exploded, the rosette stretches slowly, to the rhythm of a revealing heartbeat. Resurgence of an iridescent dream translated by a slight syncopated rhythm prolonged in the echo of Time.

I would like to thank Clavius Reticulus for his beautiful review and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did. As a musician, it is important and interesting to know how listeners feel.

Music for me is a sharing of emotions, a message of Love, a vector of Hope.

I wish you a beautiful sound immersion and a beautiful celestial journey in the company of BEYOND THE STARS.

Musical greetings from France,
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)




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