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Renaud Joly highlights Sequentia Legenda's music

"In summary, I would say that Sequentia Legenda's music
represents a fabulous regenerative capacity that allows 
me to find a new breath despite the challenges I face."

Renaud Joly

ALCYONE Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Thanks to Renaud Joly for this photo

represents a fabulous regenerative capacity

Sequentia Legenda: What does Sequentia Legenda's music represent for you?

Renaud Joly: It represents a lot to me. Even though I really enjoy my work, it remains a job for a company with its profitability rules that generate a certain amount of stress. Furthermore, my personal life involves challenges related to a rare genetic disease that affects a loved one, progressively impacting their physical abilities. This situation adds significant stress and pressure to my life. One of the ways that allows me to maintain hope and joy in life is to embark on a small journey almost every day by listening to Sequentia Legenda's music. Whether it's after lunch or in the evening before sleeping, I choose a track and it allows me to completely escape, to go somewhere else. In summary, I would say that Sequentia Legenda's music represents a fabulous regenerative capacity that allows me to find a new breath despite the challenges I face.

Sequentia Legenda: What are your feelings regarding ALCYONE?

Renaud Joly: In "ALCYONE," I fully feel that constant regenerative capacity that can be found in almost all of Sequentia Legenda's creations. When listening to this album, I have the sensation of hearing music in three dimensions. The sequences overlap, intertwine, offering a certain depth to the entire album. I find the sound particularly well-crafted, with finesse, precision, and melody. Each of the tracks paints different landscapes for me.

For example, when listening to "AROUND THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN", I feel like I'm flying or soaring through spaces. At certain moments, the crystalline notes allow me to imagine various landscapes or creatures.

"THE RING OF GOLDEN LIGHT", evokes space, stars, a focus on the future and hope. It gives me a revitalizing and energetic sensation.

With "BON VOYAGE", I go diving (I actually enjoy scuba diving). This piece is very colorful in my eyes, reminiscent of corals.

"LOVE FEEDS LOVE", although short (it leaves us wanting more, I am waiting for an extended version like the one you did with "THE RETURN"), is both nostalgic, a look at the past and the passing of time, but also carries hope, mystery, dreams, an invitation to travel.

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

is a true invitation for me to explore
new musical dimensions

Sequentia Legenda: As someone who has almost all of my discography, how do you perceive the evolution of my music from BLUE DREAM to ALCYONE?

Renaud Joly:
  For me, I perceive a greater depth of sound. As the albums progress, the sequences become more complex, more refined. I sense the emergence of new elements, surprises that arise, crystalline notes. The sounds become more enjoyable to listen to; they speak to me much more than on the early records. I find greater complexity in the overall composition. In the new tracks, I also feel a multiplication of sequences, the loops become more subtle and numerous. The sounds become more spatial, more crystalline. All of this creates an immersive and captivating musical experience that transports me to unexplored sonic horizons.

In summary, the evolution of your creations is a true invitation for me to explore new musical dimensions and dive into a constantly expanding sound universe, embarking on a journey.

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

express themselves to me spontaneously
like synchronicities

Renaud Joly: In general, how do you come up with creative ideas for your compositions?

Sequentia Legenda: It's a fascinating subject, and one that probably varies from one artist to another. As far as I'm concerned, inspiration and creativity express themselves to me spontaneously like synchronicities, like an attractive force, like real guidance, support and enlightenment. In fact, I don't choose, I let this divine presence come to me, so to speak. Then elements such as images and texts come along to complete this exciting phase of expansion. Not forgetting the mystical and spiritual facets that play a major role. It's magical, a kind of joyful drunkenness, an artistic firework display. I never know where I'm going in advance, but I move forward with serenity and the ideas keep coming to me and influencing my compositional work.

Renaud Joly: What emotions do you feel when you listen to your creations again?

Sequentia Legenda: I usually feel a certain nostalgia when I listen to music again. It's a rediscovery, with memories and emotions flooding back, as well as musical and/or technical challenges. Each creation is a unique experience in itself, a story, an atmosphere, an experience linked to a very specific moment in my life. Listening to my albums again is a good time for a new exploration, sometimes leading me towards new ideas and new experiments. I revisit certain aspects that can sometimes fuel my inspiration.

Renaud Joly
: Apart from Klaus Schulze, of course, what other major sources have influenced you?

Sequentia Legenda: The legendary group Tangerine Dream was the other major source of inspiration after Klaus Schulze. Occasionally, I found the work of Kraftwerk (Trans Europe Express in particular) interesting and in a more melodic style Vangelis (the soundtrack to Blade Runner is a reference). Then there was Jean-Michel Jarre in his early days, with his interesting atmospheres. On a completely different note, classical and symphonic music also inspire me.

Sequentia Legenda Laurent Schieber Berlin School

to come into harmony with the Light

Renaud Joly: For me, each of your albums is both an internal and external journey. With Alcyone, what kind of journey would you like the listener to take, and what kind of journey has this album been for you?

Sequentia Legenda: Thank you very much for your beautiful testimony.

ALCYONE's mission is to be an invitation to come into harmony with the Light, to revisit ourselves, to go deep within ourselves, to refocus, to let go by following our heart, so that we can embark on an initiatory journey guided by a gentle and benevolent vibration. It's the illumination of an energy that is the source of life, that animates our feelings and our thoughts, for an elevation towards a serene, luminous world bathed in unconditional love.

For me, ALCYONE is all this, it's much more than just music, it's a heart-to-heart sharing, a communion, a prayer dedicated to the Light.

Presentation of Renaud Joly

Let me introduce myself, my name is Renaud, I am of Swiss origin and have been living in Asia in Singapore since 2005. I followed my Singaporean wife, whom I met in Geneva through my work. By the way, I am passionate about my work as I have been working in the field of perfume development and creation for over 24 years. I have two sons, Yueh, who is 17 years old, and Jie, who is 13 years old.

I have a passion for wines, teas, gastronomy (high-quality, authentic, simple, and traditional foods), and perfumes. I enjoy adventure activities such as mountaineering, ski touring, rock climbing, scuba diving, long-distance running, and triathlons, and I consider myself a world traveler. Thanks to my work, I have had the opportunity to visit many countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, India, and see how people live locally.

Finally, on a daily basis, I love reading and, above all, listening to music. It is actually my passion for travel and discovering new universes that led me to discover and greatly appreciate the creations of Sequentia Legenda. The first time I heard the track "Vibrations" while listening to Volume 9 of the "La Planète Bleue" collection, I immediately hooked and sought to discover more pieces. What I loved from the start is the ability to embark on a journey while listening to your creations.


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