dimanche 12 novembre 2023

Departure for a Celestial Voyage - Berlin School music

đŸ’«Departure for a Celestial VoyageđŸ’«
is a tribute to my Mother,
Who passed away on the 4th of November 2022
for a Universe of Light and Peace.

Departure for a Celestial Voyage Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music

Heart-to-heart sharing across the Dimensions

A few days ago, I felt my Mum's request, and I composed a song for Her. It's been a year since she left on her celestial journey on 4 November🙏 and I'm sharing with you Departure for a Celestial Voyage, available here, as well as the video clip, which can be seen here.

8 days before this commemorative date, I perceived the following Request from Her Spirit: "Don't you want to compose a song for me?"
Spontaneously, I came up with the idea of doing an extraction from the finale of "CRYSTAL OF LIGHT", i.e. the second track from my next album.

As I was working on the final part of this composition, a rather astonishing technical and musical glitch occurred that I quickly associated with a new piece of Guidance.

Some elements of the latter will be manifested within the version retained for the "GALACTIC CRYSTALS" album due in 2024 as well as others which have been reworked or added especially for this version.

Subjectively, the most important value within my music is not what you may hear when you listen to it, but what you perceive manifesting within your heart. Moreover, if one listens attentively, one can discern in the second half of this composition a subtle sound akin to the heart beating.

Departure for a Celestial Voyage: this is a direct link to a World imbued with Spirituality, a gateway to a Celestial World.

đŸ“œ️ Watch the trailer

I wish you All the most pleasant Voyage🙏
Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda

Departure for a Celestial Voyage

CRYSTAL OF LIGHT Work in Progress Berlin School music by Sequentia Legenda

to travel where everyone is free

I'm delighted to share with you the trailer for the second track on my forthcoming album, in its working version. Here's a foretaste of the musical atmosphere on GALACTIC CRYSTALS, my next album, due in mid-2024. For me, music is a mission to share, an invitation to travel where everyone is free to interpret my universe according to their own feelings and give free rein to their imagination. 
Enter into resonance with CRYSTAL OF LIGHT for a vibratory quest for deep peace 🙏💎🙏

Planetarium Century Berlin School music

The Sound from the Stars

I'm delighted to share with you the Planetarium Century project, for which I had the privilege of collaborating with two other musicians, Jean-Luc Briançon and Emmanuel Quenneville.

3 musicians, one movement: the berlin school and cosmic music in the spotlight.

ALCYONE by Sequentia Legenda

to come into harmony with the Light

ALCYONE's mission is to be an invitation to come into harmony with the Light, to revisit ourselves, to go deep within ourselves, to refocus, to let go by following our heart, so that we can embark on an initiatory journey guided by a gentle and benevolent vibration. It's the illumination of an energy that is the source of life, that animates our feelings and our thoughts, for an elevation towards a serene, luminous world bathed in unconditional love.

For me, ALCYONE is all this, it's much more than just music, it's a heart-to-heart sharing, a communion, a prayer dedicated to the Light.


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