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Three questions on "Solitudes Lunaires"

Can you explain this weightlessness journey to us?

Solitudes Lunaires Berlin School music


Thierry Moreau:
"With your title "Solitudes Lunaires" you pay tribute to Jules Verne, can you explain to us this journey in weightlessness whose substance evokes in many ways the tribute to Franck Herbert "Dune" by Klaus Schulze. Are you inviting us to the lunar introspection?"

Sequentia Legenda:
"I have a great admiration for Jules Verne and I wanted to pay tribute to him. To me, he is a dream storyteller, an astronomer, a geography teacher, an adventurer. Reading his extraordinary travels, it is a whole dreamlike universe that opens up to me and feeds my imagination with delight. It is a source of inspiration and escape. Solitudes Lunaires is a nod to "Autour de la Lune". When I was ten years old, I wanted to become a writer just like him! My favorites: "From the Earth to the Moon", "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".

Here is an excerpt from "Around the Moon": "[...]The projectile must have reached the Moon when it was full, on the 5th at midnight. Here we are on December 11, which is six days ago. However, in six times twenty-four hours, without darkness, we have time to settle comfortably. It seems to me that I see them, our brave compatriots, camped at the bottom of a valley, on the edge of a selenite stream, near the projectile half sunk by its fall in the middle of volcanic debris, Captain Nicholl beginning his levelling operations, President Barbicane cleaning up his travel notes, Michel Ardan embalming the lunar solitudes with the scent of his londrès[...]".

Literature and music have similarities, in particular that of making people travel, making them dream. Jules Verne knew how to make his readers travel with brio, with this composition, it was important for me to transport the listeners to a lunar introspection.

The seraphic choirs, the sparkling sounds, the distant layers contribute to the lunar atmosphere. The rhythmic texture is created by the Minimoog's oscillators pushed into self-oscillation. The whole is amplified with quite long reverberation times and stereophonic echoes. The note loops are like a series of words, telling a story, describing the sound landscape: the seas, valleys, craters, mysteries and the gentle sunlight. Imagination plays a major role in interpretation.
So why not let yourself go and imagine the song of the Selenites accompanying this lunar music? Everyone is free to interpret this musical poem, to experience in their own way the meditative exploration of this selenical world.

For the anecdote, my eldest son, listening to this play, wrote this: "Dad, when I listen to this extract, I feel like I'm alone on the Moon!"

And finally, I would like to say that I am honoured to know that my title in its substance can thus be compared to the album "Dune" by Klaus Schulze.
Solitudes Lunaires Berlin School music


Thierry Moreau:
"Your work alternates a melodic line and a sequence that guides us on a journey,
do you plan to make a complete album in homage to Jules Verne's universe or to a particular novel?

Sequentia Legenda:
"This alternation can be compared to the tides caused by the Moon, it is a sonic pattern in perpetual movement, which comes and goes while amplifying, while subtly metamorphosing. It rock the listener into the sound space.
The sequences, too, are evolutionary, forming combinations, constellations, intertwining and merging in the global atmosphere.

Creating an album in homage to Jules Verne is indeed an interesting idea. To see...

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music


Thierry Moreau: 
"Your impregnation of the Berlin School is obvious and you are immediately identifiable, don't you think that the emotional charge that emerges is partly due to the fact that you like to invite people to travel? In this instance at Jules Verne's here?"

Sequentia Legenda:
"Apart from the fact that my music is an invitation to dream, to travel, to meditate, I think that listeners perceive through my compositions my sensitivity, my authenticity, my vision of a cleansed Berlin School.

I share my musical language with passion and happiness. To fully enjoy the sound worlds, you have to give yourself time, put yourself in good listening conditions. Thereafter, an association of emotions takes place and the immersion can then be fully experienced.


SOLITUDES LUNAIRES [XMas 2018 Version] by Sequentia Legenda

(This track is FREE from December 24, 2018 to January 1, 2019)

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music 
🎁 Here is a version for Christmas !

The title SOLITUDES LUNAIRES has been revisited and remastered especially for this occasion. The Mellotron choirs have been added. The Minimoog is present for the final.
A cymbal came to support the rhythmic impulses of the oscillators in self-oscillation.
The duration is slightly longer than the original version of the double album "EXTENDED".

Selenic world 0:00 to 10:08
Electric blue glow of Aristarchus 10:08 to 11:44
Mare Tranquillitatis 11:44 to 18:08
The mysterious side of the Moon 18:08 to 22:56
Mare Serenitatis 22:56 to 26:38

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thierry Moreau

Thierry Moreau
is a graphic designer, gifted with great sensitivity, a lover of the arts and culture.
An open and generous man an artist.

He is a graduate of the Beaux Arts. He has worked in creative studios and communications agencies. He has worked for record labels and for the specialized music press.
He has taught in the Applied and Plastic Arts.

Thierry Moreau website

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