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THE book about Klaus Schulze

"It took over 5 years until I was satisfied enough to publish it.
Now it is available for everyone.

Olaf Lux

Olaf Lux Berlin School music
VIOLINS DON'T GROW ON TREES The life and work of Klaus Schulze

The life and work of Klaus Schulze

Well, what can you write about your own work. It's great, you absolutely have to read it!

Why? Because it's a book for everyone who cares about Klaus Schulze. If you have only superficially dealt with Klaus Schulze and his music so far, you will find everything that could interest you in this book, from Klaus' first school band to his announced early retirement, every album, every piece is illuminated, described and put into context. And even the KS fan who thinks he already knows everything is presented with all this knowledge in an amusing and informative way, and he will realise that he by no means knew everything after all. I don't want to give too much away.

I can only say that I worked on the book for over five years, studied hundreds of interviews and articles and talked to countless companions and colleagues of Klaus. And when even Klaus' friends and family tell me that they like the book hey, what more could you want!

Stay healthy - Klaus' music will help you,
Olaf Lux

The book is available on Bandcamp in German and English here

VIOLINS DON'T GROW ON TREES Olaf Lux Berlin School music
Olaf Lux

I worked on the book for over five years

Well, in the 50 years I've been walking around here, I've been a lot of things: class clown, break dancer, bank clerk, writer, boogie dancer, actor, ninja, journalist, filmmaker, belly dancer, lifeguard, music lover, marathon runner, dwarf, Japanese teacher, rapper ...

Through my big brother
I got to know music – good music: Pink Floyd, Genesis, Alan Parsons, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and ... Klaus Schulze. However, it took me over 20 years to realise that my purpose in life is Klaus Schulze. 10 years ago I founded the Klaus Schulze Forum, and it was only logical that at some point I felt called to write a book about Klaus ... THE book about Klaus. It took over 5 years until I was satisfied enough to publish it. Now it is available for everyone. And it has turned out well. A really good book. THE book about Klaus Schulze.

Oh, yes ... I am also very modest ;-)
Olaf Lux

The book is available on Bandcamp in German and English here

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
BEYOND THE STARS by Sequentia Legenda

No more and no less

Whenever the greats of electronic music get upset about why their music is described as "cosmic" or "spacerock" or something similar, I think to myself "Then why do you call your pieces "Comet Melody", "Alpha Centauri" or "Stardancer"?
It's its own fault.

I love the clear confession of Laurent Schieber aka Sequentia Legenda.
BEYOND THE STARS is cosmic spacerock – basta. No more and no less.

That's what the album title says, that's what the wonderful star-flooded cover says, that's what title names like "Float Among The Stars" say, and that's what the dedication of the artist says, who wants to touch not only the listener but also the sky with his music.

The almost half-hour main piece "EXPERIMENTAL" is not by chance reminiscent of Klaus Schulze's hypnotic soundscapes, with none other than Tommy Betzler drumming the driving rhythm. Tommy, who has already been on stage for and with Klaus Schulze, and who has now come out of his early musical retirement to give new artists like Michael Brückner or Laurent Schieber a rhythmic backbone. When the mellotron choirs then kick in, the spirit begins to float as if by itself and you can almost feel the Timewind on your skin. "EXPERIMENTAL" – for me the highlight of the album.

"FLOAT AMONG THE STARS", on the other hand, captivates you from the first moment with a clear-as-a-bell sequence, you can literally hear the stars whizzing by, and when the sequence finally dies down, you realise that you have now actually left the galaxy, that you have actually landed beyond the stars. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time...

But not as stirring as "BEYOND FROM THE BEYOND". What is beyond the void? What was before the beginning of time? Where do we come from, where are we going? ... All these questions echo in the eternally circling sounds and chords that glide through our fingers like water - just like the answers to the existential questions. We may be able to feel them, but we cannot hold them ... they are beyond the stars ...

Olaf Lux

BEYOND THE STARS by Sequentia Legenda is available here

A video retrospective of my six years on the Berlin School stage

My 8 physical albums are for the occasion presented in a video with the association of Corina Chirila's pictorial works. I am delighted to have been able to share during these first six years my sound universes, my own musical vision and thus offer a part of dream and escape to the listeners.

We ALL need music, even more nowadays.
For me music remains a vector of Hope and Love.

Long live music, long live the Berlin School!

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)



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