dimanche 14 février 2021

Creative inspiration

"You have to know how to listen to your heart, not be in a hurry, wait for the right moment, feel it and grasp it.
The fleetingness of that moment which is beautiful and pure is the sign of inspiration and creativity.

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Listening your heart, waiting for the right moment, feeling and creating.

Fugitive, inaccessible, spontaneous

Sequentia Legenda: "Inspiration manifests itself without really warning, it is fleeting, inaccessible, often spontaneous and powerful. I must admit that it is a rather surprising process, even inexplicable. The triggering element, perhaps an emotion, an image, a moment of life. It is wild and indomitable. It's deep inside me, it's anchored, it's latent. It is finally my soul, my heart that asks to express itself. Inspiration will be the guide for the continuation of my work, and little by little the composition will take shape. Then begins a new story, a creation that will take shape with its unpredictable gestation. Through the creative process, it is a rediscovery of self, a perpetual rebirth. To be an artist, in my eyes, is an awareness and an acceptance to wait, to believe, to remain humble in the hope of a sign – the call of inspiration. It is a depth of spirit. A rediscovery. A path that is open to a new history. It is a renewal."

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Continue to compose even when things go wrong.

Indulgent with myself, listening to my heart

Sequentia Legenda: "Despite my current difficulties, I have tried to keep in touch with my keyboards. Without necessarily looking for a result, but while remaining voluntary, nourishing myself with my feelings. I try to remain indulgent with myself, listening to my heart. It's a new approach imbued with Wisdom. As I write this article, perseverance and hard work indicate to me that I am once again on a path that seems to be invigorating and bearer of Hope."

Sequentia Legenda Berlin School music
Sequentia Legenda in the composition phase.

Offer a moment of dream and escape

Sequentia Legenda: "For me, music is much more than an art, it is a vector of Hope and Love. Music has always been part of my life. I am honoured to be able to live what God has given me. It is a chance, a gift, and I am delighted to be able to deliver a sincere musical message. It is a shared pleasure: to offer a moment of dream and escape."

A video retrospective of my six years on the Berlin School stage

My 8 physical albums are for the occasion presented in a video with the association of Corina Chirila's pictorial works. I am delighted to have been able to share during these first six years my sound universes, my own musical vision and thus offer a part of dream and escape to the listeners.

We ALL need music, even more nowadays.
For me music remains a vector of Hope and Love.

Long live music, long live the Berlin School!

Laurent Schieber (Sequentia Legenda)



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